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Pre-requisite for integration with iclinic is to make counter based appointment system functions at the Hospital. In case, it is not functional then contact your HMIS Service Provider to make it functional. If it is already functional, then following steps need to be taken

  1. Download the PDF form website
  2. Downloaded form should be filled up accordingly and signed by Head of Hospital
  3. The physical form should now be scanned and saved in .pngformat of size less than 1200 kb.
  4. After step 1-3, the user has to visit
  1. After successful creation of request, One Time Password Password (OTP) is sent to Nodal Officer’s mobile. Which he has to enter to verify the data submitted by user. In case, OTP verification fails, the user registration is cancelled and a new request has to be submitted again.
  2. On submission of a web form, the account creation form is sent to reviewers, who will review the data submitted by the user.
  3. After reviewer approves the form, the process of integration with PMS will start, which involves application software customization and network settings.